Please note these FAQs are being continually updated so please check back closer to the festival for more information or get in touch with:

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What are the times for arrival and departure?
The site is: Tandem Festival, on the beautiful Lower Farm, Ramsden, OX7 3AZ.

What are the times for arrival and departure?
Access to the main festival site will be from 5pm on Friday, so you’ll have a chance to arrive, relax and set up camp before all the action starts! Everyone will need to leaving the site by 5pm on Sunday. We would be so grateful if you can do all you can to help facilitate this, such as using all our bins correctly, taking any other rubbish away with you, and leaving the site as tidy as possible.

Can I park on site?
Yes, parking will be available at Lower Farm, but please ensure you have purchased a car park ticket in advance. Don’t forget to look at our other eco-friendly travel options. Car sharing is strongly encouraged to reduce your carbon footprint and share parking costs. Feel free to post on the Facebook event for Tandem Festival to help find others who are looking to car share. Car sharing done through the Facebook page is done at your own risk and we’d recommend you try to share with friends and friends of friends wherever possible.

Is there disabled access?
We strive to make the festival as accessible as possible to everyone. We have built a wheelchair access loo and venues are step free.  Please do contact our friendly team to enquire farther about disabled access and let us know if you have any specific needs:

Who should I talk to if I have a question/issue during the festival?
Staff and stewards will be wearing high visibility clothing and festival passes at all times. Our team is warm and welcoming, so please do not hesitate to reach out to them should you have any inquiries! A ‘Lost & Found’ and Help Point will be clearly marked onsite.

Can I bring my baby?
Babies are welcome on site but are brought to the festival at the risk of the parent(s) and must be supervised at all times.

Can I bring dogs?
No dogs or other pets are allowed on site at any time. If you have a guide dog, this is absolutely fine but please let us know in advance if you can.

How do you price your tickets? Tandem Festival is a volunteer-run, non-profit event. Our tickets are priced to be as affordable as possible but this means our finances are very tight and we struggle to break even. Our budget has to cover fair wages for some of the best musicians and acts across the globe, large infrastructure overheads, safety and security costs, plus added costs involved with keeping the festival eco-friendly. If you can afford to pay a little more, please consider a supporter ticket or donation. It will help us run a financially sustainable festival, eventually afford to pay some staff, give our acts fair wages and keep Tandem thriving!


How can I volunteer?
You can fill out our volunteer application form here. It would be great to have you getting stuck in and helping the Tandem festival team! We’ll have lots to do on site during the festival, but we’ll make sure you still have fun – the volunteering crew becomes like a mini family within the festival community.

Can I bring my own instruments?
Yes, you are welcome to bring your own instruments, and there will be plenty of opportunities to play in open mic spaces, as well as around the fire.

Can I bring my own sound system?
No sound systems are allowed on site. This is largely because the festival is mainly an acoustic festival and we want all festival-goers to be able to listen to and fully enjoy the great acts we’ve carefully lined up for you!

Are there any activities for children?
There will be lots of fun activities aimed at children – look out for more information closer to the event! Previous years have included story-telling, art-sessions, face-painting, and nature walks.

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What sort of food will be available?
All food will be vegetarian, much of it vegan (free from animal products including dairy), and also gluten-free. It will be ethically sourced, and local and organic as far as possible. Most importantly, it will all be delicious and affordable! Unfortunately, we cannot cater specifically for nut or other allergies, but we will do our very best to indicate clearly when allergens are present in food.

Can I bring my own food?
You are welcome to bring your own food, but please note that campfires, gas and/or naked flames of any kind are not allowed on the festival site. We’ll have an abundance of ethically sourced and delicious food, so you can buy affordable breakfasts, lunches and dinners on site, safe in the knowledge you are supporting local, ethical businesses.

Can I bring in my own alcohol?
Alcohol for personal consumption can be brought on site but must only be consumed in the camping area. Alcohol must be brought in plastic bottles, cans, or other containers, as glass bottles are not allowed on site. There will (of course) be a bar on site, and we will be offering some delicious local brews.
Find out more information here:
Site Safety Policy TF18
Alcohol and Drugs Policy TF18

Do I need to bring ID?
Yes, you will need ID to buy alcohol.
See our Alcohol and Drugs Policy TF18

Are there any shops nearby?
Ramsden is a small village and as such, has just one small village shop. This shop has variable Saturday opening times and is closed on Sundays.

Will there be cash points on site?
There will be no cashpoints on site, so please bring enough cash for the weekend. You will also be able to pay by card on some stalls but please bring cash so you are not disappointed. The food and drinks will be fairly and ethically priced.

Can I smoke and take drugs on site?
Smoking will only be permitted in designated areas and we ask that all smoking is kept strictly to these areas. You will be asked to move if you smoke outside of these areas.

Consumption of drugs is forbidden by law. Anybody found consuming or in possession of drugs will be removed from the festival site & dealt with by the authorities.


Are campfires allowed in the campsite?
No naked flames, gas or campfires of any kind are allowed in the campsite or parking area at any point due to safety issues. However there will be a big communal bonfire on the festival site for all to enjoy (and singing and musical instruments around the fire are much encouraged!)
Find out more information here:
Site Safety Policy TF18

What facilities will be available on site?
There will be drinking water, waste and recycling facilities, and loos on site.

Can I bring my camper-van?
Sleeping in vehicles is not allowed on the campsite or parking area (special cases are considered, please contact
Find out more information here:
Site Safety Policy TF18

Are there any alternatives to camping?
There are no alternatives to camping on site. However, Ramsden and the surrounding areas have a few accommodation options.


Is is safe to leave my belongings in my tent?
Although Tandem aims to create a friendly and safe community, we do not recommend you leave any valuables in your tent; it’s up to you to take care of your possessions! Please note that Tandem Festival will not be liable for the loss or damage of vehicles, goods or other materials belonging to attendees, guests, artists and crew attending the site.

These Terms & Conditions apply to all persons entering & making use of the Tandem Festival Site. Tandem Festival reserves the right to remove any individual in infraction of those T&Cs from festival site.

1.1 Tickets will not be refunded in any circumstances, other than the total cancellation of the event, when only the face value of the ticket will be refunded.
1.2 Parking space is limited and will require purchasing a car parking ticket.

2.1 No admission without a ticket.
2.2 Access to the festival site will only be possible from 5pm on Friday 22nd June. Attendees will have to clear the site by 5pm on Sunday 24th June.
2.3 Access to certain areas of the site is restricted to authorised persons only and may be subject to certain conditions. Non-authorised persons must not enter into or make use of restricted areas unless specifically authorised to do so.
2.4 All ticket holders and crew agree to comply to any searches which designated festival security deem necessary to their person, vehicle, live-in vehicle, luggage or equipment.
2.5 All large buses and/or other large vehicles over 7m in length need written permission before they can be brought onto site.
2.6 No campervans are to be brought on the campsite. (sorry!)
2.7 Tandem Festival reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone we suspect of bringing in alcohol not for personal consumption. No glass is allowed to be brought on site. Please see our Alcohol and Drugs Policy TF18 for more information.