Essential Info

What are the times for arrival and departure?

Access to the main festival site will be from the earlier time of 11am on Friday, so you’ll have a chance to arrive, relax and set up camp before all the action starts! Everyone will need to leaving the site by 6pm on Sunday. We would be so grateful if you can do all you can to help facilitate this, such as using all our bins correctly, taking any other rubbish away with you, and leaving the site as tidy as possible.

Can I park on site?

Yes, parking will be available at Lower Farm, but please ensure you have purchased a car park ticket in advance via our Tickets page. We encourage people to car share to reduce cost and carbon emissions. Feel free to post on the Facebook event for Tandem Festival to help find others who are looking to car share. Car sharing done through the Facebook page is done at your own risk and we’d recommend you try to share with friends and friends of friends wherever possible.

Who should I talk to if I have a question/issue during the festival?

Staff and stewards will be wearing high visibility clothing and festival passes at all times. Our team is warm and welcoming, so please do not hesitate to reach out to them should you have any inquiries! A ‘Lost & Found’ and ‘Info Point’ will be clearly marked onsite.

Can I bring my baby?

Babies are welcome on site but are brought to the festival at the risk of the parent(s) and must be supervised at all times.

Can I bring dogs?

No dogs or other pets are allowed on site at any time. If you have a guide dog, this is absolutely fine but please let us know in advance if you can.

Find out more information here:

2019 Site Safety Policy coming soon

Can I smoke and take drugs on site?

Smoking will only be permitted in designated areas and we ask that all smoking is kept strictly to these areas. You will be asked to move if you smoke outside of these areas.

Consumption of drugs is forbidden by law. Anybody found consuming or in possession of drugs will be removed from the festival site & dealt with by the authorities. See our 2019 Alcohol and Drugs Policy coming soon.

Site map & festival information

Click for information pack (includes site map).